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A more professional approach will help you carry on with your work smoothly. You will find work pressure for the week.

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Due to pressure, you are likely to commit errors while handling the important task. You may be more aggressive in expressing your opinion with your partner. You may have pain in your legs, and this may trouble you. You can do some exercises to make yourself fit.

Ep#4 Pisces weekly horoscope 6 oct to 12 oct

Confusions in your mind over your own development may bring you stress-related problems. Some of your long cherished desires and ambitions are likely to be fulfilled. If you are working, and expecting a promotion or a secure and lucrative position, then you are likely to get one in this year.

Your earnings will get a boost, and your career will see a marked jump in this year.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Jupiter is going to have its aspect on 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses and going to give benefits connected with these houses. Its aspect on your ascendant is going to provide you with courage and strength to do well in this year in all facets of your life.

This year is going to be supportive for doing well and giving you the desired recognition in your career. Irrespective of whether you are in business or in a job, your financial situation will be healthy and robust. Your merits and talent will be appreciated and well recognized at your workplace. You will advance very well in your career and financial stream.

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If you are in business and are planning to enter into a new partnership business or a joint venture with someone, then it would be wise and prudent to do so after a careful appraisal of the business plans. Avoid any hasty business actions, as calculated and cautious decisions are likely to give you long-term benefits.

This Week's Pisces Horoscope

It is a possibility that new projects undertaken by you in business, could give you fewer profits in the beginning, but after mid-year, the things will be streamlined for you. Those who are having business or operations connected with consultancy, tourism or entertainment, etc can get good results this year. People who are in jobs could see new opportunities at work for them. If you are wishing to change your existing job, then the chance for the same could present itself after March this year. At work, you are likely to get full support of your superiors and colleagues.

If you are looking for a promotion, then this year is promising the same.


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